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It is not just the city centre that is a student stronghold, the south of the city is also popular amongst students, although the area does offer an alternative vibe to the stereotypical student lifestyle.

The leafy suburbs of the south offer a more relaxed version of student life, where the students opt for the quirky, bohemian bars of Lark Lane and forego the public transport to cycle around the wide verdant roads between lectures. The University of Liverpool and Hope University both have halls of residence here. It’s here where students are lucky enough to be a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s most beautiful green spaces, offering the perfect place to do some al fresco studying or enjoy a casual jog after a day of lectures.

Although the city centre may be home to the city’s most known universities, the south of the city is where Hope University has its main campus Hope Park in Childwall, where its iconic Hilda Constance Allen Building sits. 

Hope University

South Liverpool is home to Hope University, where its vast Hope Park campus is hidden amongst residential homes. The university is like no other in the city, being built on a solid Christian Foundation with an aim of sustaining a community enriched by Christian values and worship, although it is welcoming to students from all faiths and backgrounds.

The university began life when The Church of England Warrington Training College merged with the Sisters of Notre Dame’s Our Lady’s Training College, with the latter being influential in the introduction of education for women at the school, being one of the first educational institutions in the UK to provide teacher training for women.

The university offers over sixty courses across three faculties including the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education, of which it is best known for, ranking twelfth in the country. 

Top Five Student Hangouts

1 The Tavern Co
The Tavern Co has mastered the art of Liverpudlian dining, mixing great food with great atmosphere, making dining here feel like you’re simply over at a friend’s house, albeit a very large house and a very popular friend. It seems doubtful that The Tavern Co ever closes its doors, so popular is the place that arriving at 10:00 makes it feel like you’re late to the party. Its menu is hearty and vast, with an award-winning Full English Breakfast that is the perfect start to the day. 
2 Sefton Park
For students who live in the south of the city’s halls of residence, the beauty of Sefton Park is just a stone’s throw away from the popular halls of residence. Its an Eden of peace and tranquillity, where the outside world is unseen and the hushed beauty of nature shines through. Students can be found in the park relaxing with friends, studying amongst the quiet or even working out across the park’s two-hundred-and-thirty-five acres.
3 Lark Lane
Some would say that the bohemian and quirky Lark Lane is the epitome of student life, with cool bars and trendy restaurants heaving with casually dressed students in their jeans and vans. The atmosphere is great, almost electric from the moment guests hit the street. Occasionally on a summers evening and perhaps after a day of drinking, visitors can see the lyrically talented students signing from the windows of their flats that sit above the bustling lane. 
4 Brookhouse
Located on the stereotypically studenty Smithdown Road, the Brookhouse pub is an extremely popular haunt for both students and locals. Perhaps it is the outside seating area and projector screen that shows all the important sporting events that attracts so many to its home. The pub caters for the student market, with their special ‘Saturday Sesh’ event that has many of its favourite and most popular items (including Prosecco) on offer.
5 Freida Mo's
The best thing about being a student in Liverpool is exploring off the beaten track and discovering hidden gems that make the commercialised high street shops look ever so lacklustre, none more so than Lark Lane’s Freida Mo’s. Home to a mixture of vintage clothes, vegan cupcakes and beautiful gifts, this small store is oozing with personality and great finds. A must see for the students who really want to experience the best of what independent Liverpool has to offer.