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The city of Liverpool seems to have a fondness for things that come in twos, from the two Liver Birds that protect the city to the two cathedrals that each rise up into the world-famous skyline.

There is, however, an altogether more contended coupling that divides friends, families and the city itself like no other – Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club.

Fans of the clubs would possibly never describe the two as a pair, with a longstanding history of rivalry that spans decades, the same rivalry that turns the average derby match into a fierce battle. A battle of which club has the most passionate fans, which one has the best ground and most importantly, which one has the best players.

Despite the fans dislike for their opposing team, there is no denying that there is a similarity between the clubs. The two football grounds are located just a stone’s throw away from each other, in an area where the rows of terraced houses are eclipsed by the two stadiums that stand amongst them. Each set of fans will claim that their team is the one that “true scousers” support and both will argue about how true those Liverpudlian roots remain…

Things To Do

Liverpool FC Stadium Tour

For any football fan, a visit to their team’s ground is special. However, for a Liverpool fan to visit the home of The Kop where names such as Steven Gerrard, Kenny Dalglish and Robbie Fowler have played, it’s like stepping onto holy ground.

The tour is a must for any Liverpool fan, with guided tours passing through the dressing room, players’ tunnel and into The Kop, guests take the same steps as some of the world’s best footballers. Visit the Liverpool FC Story, a museum within the club where guests can explore Steven Gerrard’s personal collection of memorabilia that he amassed throughout his successful career and learn about the club’s history from its humble beginnings to its worldwide success.

If after the tour, you are feeling particularly proud of your team, head next door to the Liverpool FC store to discover the latest sportswear, clothing and accessories from the brand. 

Stanley Park

In-between the fierce storm of rivalries that emits from the grounds is a piece of tranquil land, separating the two and showing no particular preference for either team.

Stanley Park offers a place where fans can catch a breath of fresh air after a particularly fast-paced game or walk off their woes after a less than great performance. The vast space of land is where you can find budding footballers playing during the weekends, playing in the shadows of their favourite teams.

Not a fan of football? Don’t worry, Stanley Park has more covered areas where neither ground can be seen. Explore the grand terrace which has beautiful flower beds and benches where you can sit and look out at the field below. You can also enjoy lunch in the stunning Isla Gladstone Conservatory. Beneath this Victorian glass house that is a popular events and wedding venue, is Kemp’s Bistro, a delightful café that is the perfect place to relax and unwind while looking out onto the greenery and bandstand ahead.