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The historic area of West Derby has its fair share of history, however, with it being one of the oldest areas of Liverpool, much of it has been buried under years of residential development. So, when a 16th century stately home is still standing as beautiful as it did in its heyday, it needs to be explored.

Croxteth Hall and Country Park is, quite literally, one of North Liverpool’s hidden gems. Its 500-acre estate may stretch across some of the most saturated residential areas of Liverpool, however, you won’t catch a glimpse of Croxteth Hall itself until you are well and truly deep within its grounds. A piece of quiet tranquillity hidden away from the hustle and bustle of school runs and rush hours, a huge part of its appeal.

Its vast landscape means that the estate is also home to an outdoor adventure park, Victorian-style walled garden, farm, and riding centre. Croxteth Park, as it is locally known, is a popular place for young families to relax, unwind and play.

Things To Do

Croxteth Hall Tour

Croxteth Hall TourFor those who are regular visitors to Croxteth Park, the grade 2 listed hall can become part of the landscape of the park, so much so that they can forget just how much history it holds inside its four-hundred-year-old walls.

Visiting the hall is a must and even for those who may not be fans of history, it is a great place to visit to see just how much sheer wealth and power the Molyneux family had and how their vast workforce helped keep the hall, gardens and stables working for hundreds of years.  

Croxteth Park Riding Centre

Approved by the British Horse Society, Croxteth Park Riding Centre is a real treat for those who love all things equestrian, with over thirty horses and ponies roaming the vast fields, it is a wonderful place both for the animals and riders. The beautiful horses at the Riding Centre are all various sizes, meaning that there is a horse for everyone, from riders who compete professionally to beginners who are new to the sport.

For children, the centre offers a Pony Club, where children are able to start their equestrian journey on the smaller ponies under the supervision of qualified instructors. With instructors allowing the children to get involved in caring for the horses and their stables, it is a wonderful club to enrol children, getting them out and about in the fresh air. 

Jungle Parc

For those who enjoy the great outdoors and a touch of action, Jungle Parc at Croxteth Hall and Country park offers a real taste of adventure. For this outdoor activity centre is where you can find all sorts of exciting activities taking place from high up in the treetops to low down in the woods.  
With over fifty activities, the Adventure Course offers great fun for the little adrenaline junkies in the family and includes training from expert tree climbers, so don’t fret, no matter how much they want to, your children can’t go all gung-ho on the course!

The fun is not just reserved for the children at Jungle Parc, adults can too, get involved with exciting activities, albeit a lot higher up in the trees. So, if you are thinking of coming along with friends or think your colleagues could do with some OTT team bonding, then Jungle Parc is an exciting place to go.

Victorian Walled Gardens

It’s not all action and adventure at Croxteth Hall and Country Park, with over 500 acres of beautiful land, sometimes it is fine to take a step away from the action and a step towards peace and tranquillity.
In the beautiful setting of Croxteth Park and just a stone’s throw away from the hall itself is the Victorian Walled Gardens. Set over two acres, this Victorian treasure would have given residents of the hall a beautiful view across the floral landscape.

The secluded area is home to the Liverpool Botanic Gardens, created by Liverpool notoriety including William Roscoe, as a place where they could study nature without having to travel to London. In its heyday, the gardens used Liverpool’s international maritime connections to extend their collection of plant specimens, making for a striking place for guests to visit.

Although it may not be as wonderfully cultivated as it once was, a visit to the Victorian Walled Gardens is well-worth a visit, whether you are a budding horticulturist or simply want to take a step back in time away from the modern world. 

Croxteth Park Farm

It may be tucked away in the corner of the estate; however, Croxteth Park Farm is not short of animation and energy. Home to many types of animals including horses, pigs and even birds of prey, Croxteth Park Farm is a must-visit for any true animal lover.

With guests being able to get up close and personal with the animals, it is a particular favourite of children who can feed and stroke the animals as they work their way around the park. Also, on offer is some activities led by farm staff.