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Allerton is one of the most sought-after places to live in Liverpool and with its perfect combination of vibrant and tranquil living spaces, the area attracts everyone from students and post-grads to settling families and retirees.

With a mixture of terraced houses that line the cosmopolitan area of Allerton Road to the spacious miniature mansions that look out onto the area’s many green spaces, there is a fantastic array of properties in this area. The blend of demographics creates a wonderful atmosphere that offers the excitement of the city centre but in a more relaxed setting. 

Five Quick Facts

1 Allerton was home to the young Paul McCartney, with his childhood home being 20 Forthlin Road, which had a piano in the front room for the family to play.  2 Legend has it that an ancient Hundred Court used to sit beneath the branches of the Allerton Oak, a 1,000-year old tree based in Calderstones Park.  3 Allerton Hall, based in the woodland surroundings of Clarke’s Gardens was the home of William Roscoe, who fought to abolish the slave trade.  4 Allerton’s name is derived from Old English, ‘arl’ meaning ‘alder’ and ‘tun’ meaning ‘enclosure’ 5 The name ‘Calderstones’ refer to six stones, or megaliths, which originally stood on the edge of Calderstones Park and once were part of a Neolithic burial chamber. 

Lifestyle & Activities

Allerton is the perfect place to live if you want to enjoy a balanced lifestyle, where city meets suburbia and you can easily float from morning to evening with more than enough choices to satisfy your appetite.

Home to some of Liverpool’s most beautiful green spaces, you can enjoy breathing in the fresh air in the historic Calderstones Park, where dog-friendly policies and a children’s play area attracts young families. For those who may want to veer away from the crowds, the Japanese Zen Garden and fishing lake offer a more peaceful part of the park where you can sit and enjoy the calm surroundings.

For those who enjoy sports, Allerton Manor Golf Club is one of the most popular destinations for golfers and diners alike. The beautiful space offers guests both a 9-hole and 18-hole course, perfect for groups of friends that have both pros and amateur golfers. The golf club also offers a stunning dining space in the form of The Old Stables, where guests can enjoy a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

Allerton Road is a popular destination for locals who enjoy the most up-and-coming bars and restaurants, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere right in the heart of the community. Some of the local favourites include The Three Piggies, Maray and The Interesting Eating Company, a great place for pancakes with the kids. 

Public Transport

Allerton is around a fifteen to twenty-minute drive to the city centre, with an easy road that is pretty much straight along the way. However, many residents choose to avoid the high car parking charges in the city centre and opt for public transport.

Your local train station is West Allerton station on Booker Avenue.

West Allerton to Liverpool Central - journey time around 25 Minutes with 1 Change

There are various bus routes into the city centre from key places in Allerton. The route can take around 30 minutes, depending on which stop you board at. There are several stops in Allerton including Queens Drive, Addingham Road and Green Lane. 

Why not be super eco-friendly and take a ride on one of the CityBike bicycles, located throughout Liverpool? Your nearest location to pick up a bicycle will be on Allerton Road (right opposite our Venmores office) and to cycle into Liverpool city centre, your journey time is approximately 30 minutes. 

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