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In a recent article from the Telegraph, Merseyside was selected as one of the best places to live for the over 50s and that the area is an ideal place for those heading into their retirement years who are looking to relocate.

Rated by Saga Exceptional, Merseyside was placed second with a 73.5% suitability rating, with Liverpool being dubbed “The World in One City” that had a “wide variety of things to do and pubs to drink in” and as Southport Estate Agents, we could not agree more! Explore our Liverpool area guides to discover exactly how much our wonderful city has to offer!

For the silver medal, Merseyside beat areas such as North Wales, Norfolk, and Cumbria, who are well known for their picturesque and scenic views that typically attract an older group of people.

The North West is currently home to over 1.4 million residents, one of the many reasons it was so high up on the list was that, it’s a great place for anyone who enjoys going out for a drink, especially a Beatles themed bar!

Merseyside has approximately 0.22 square miles between pubs, which is ideal for anyone who enjoys a stroll through town to check out all the local spots. One of our favourite areas to venture to is Castle Street, with plenty of fabulous restaurants and bars located on one road, you are sure to find something for everyone!

Article author Amy Cutmore writes “In northwest England, Liverpool is widely regarded as a great place to grab a pint or a cheeky gin and tonic. And with such a small distance between pubs, it’s not much of a surprise as to why.” 

If grabbing a drink from the plethora of local pubs isn’t up your street, Merseyside also has plenty of other attractions, to be precise, according to the article there are 923 activities to do in Merseyside. The area has more than double the national average visitor/tourist attractions and with it being the home of the one of the most iconic bands of the 60s, a trip to the Beatles Story museum and a stroll around Albert Dock are just a couple of things visitors and residents can explore in their spare time.

If you prefer a quieter lifestyle, The Wirral also has plenty to offer. From sunny strolls around the Marine Lake in West Kirby to exploring the upmarket village, Oxton, a real treat for those looking for a more laidback lifestyle away from the busier towns but still, want to enjoy a great social and community vibe. 

Not to forget the wonderful Southport and surrounding areas, made up of real communities all with their own unique feel. From the quiet town Ainsdale, where many people choose to spend their golden years to the seaside town of Southport, defined by its golden shoreline, where stretches of sandy beaches merge with the cool Irish Sea, enticing the locals and tourists alike who all want a piece of this traditionally British pie.

With a vast amount of sights to see and places to go in Merseyside, it’s not hard to see why Merseyside lends itself to people 50 and over as well as the younger generation. As local estate agents to the area, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has been rated as the second best place to live in the UK for the over 50s.

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