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We thought we'd start our first blog of 2021 off by sharing a secret with you, we're only one of the best estate agents in Wirral because of the amazing team that we have and we think it's only fair that you get to meet those who make our company what it is. Today we're catching up with Lou Atkinson, our Assistant Branch Manager at Bradshaw Farnham & Lea Moreton to take a look at what she gets up to every day.

1. Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself…

I’ve recently tried to go a little Vegan and my co-workers find it hilarious when I get a sausage and bean melt from Greggs, eat yogurts and have milk in my coffee! Also like most Covid activities, I’ve taken to walking every weekend and seen a lot more of the Wirral which is lovely.

2. What Time Do You Wake Up?

7 am although a 15-minute snoozer.

3. Are You a Morning Person or Night Owl?

Always been a morning person.

4. Breakfast or No Breakfast?

Depending on how organised I am, coffee and a breakfast bar or overnight oats, I always try to have something!

5. What’s the First Thing That You Do When You Get into the Office?

Apart from make a coffee because its likely I’ve replied to emails till half 10 the night before I’ll write my to do list for the day and try get as much admin done as possible from half 8.

6. What Are Your Jobs for the Rest of the Day?

My day can be very varied in progression, with most of the week taken up trying to resolve anything the clients are dealing with on their move and trying to get a move date set up for them, I try and spend mornings sending paperwork to the solicitors agreeing the sale, then move on to seeing if surveys are booked and helping clients with the outcome, there’s always things to do in between and every day is busy, I rarely escape from my desk, when I do I tend to wander Moreton finding bargains at the charity shops and often have my lunch pre-made to avoid the temptation of Greggs!

7. What Do You Like to Do to Relax After Work and On the Weekends? 

My Friday I often spend choosing a good red wine for the weekend, I have friends out the area so always enjoy a catch up with them and plan a walk around the Wirral, weather permitting!

8. What is Your Most Favourite Part of the Job?

Helping the clients get to agree on a move day, that is basically my role in a nutshell, however, I enjoy seeing the joy I can bring to a client knowing I’ve helped in this.

9. What is the Most Challenging Aspect of Your Role?

Lack of control sometimes with a chain, and not always being able to resolve something for a client despite all our efforts.  

10. What Is Your Proudest Moment of Working for Bradshaw Farnham & Lea?

Recently got to see a client move after 2 years of up’s and downs with her onward purchase and I’ve now reached 10 years in the industry.

11. What is the Best Part of Working for Bradshaw Farnham & Lea?

Apart from my clients, and building the relationships whilst they gear up to move, it's our office staff, we all have a giggle and get on really well, having worked in other estate agent roles I know it can be very different if there isn’t a team environment.

12. What Makes Bradshaw Farnham & Lea Moreton Stand Out from the Rest? 

We are friendly and approachable and put a huge amount of effort in for our clients, we don’t just focus on the numbers but rather the service and the person selling or buying and we often work overtime to do this

13. In Your Opinion, Where is the Best Place to Live in Wirral and Why?

I’ve worked in so many areas now, it would be hard to say just one, I love the area I work in because how lovely people are, and I love the houses in Wallasey because I dream of having a 5 bedroom Victorian villa for less than £500,000.