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With its stunning views across the River Mersey, Otterspool Promenade is where you can find Liverpool’s fitness fanatics and adventure seekers enjoying a piece of Liverpool’s iconic views across the river.

Since its launch in the mid-20th century, the area has become a popular place for local residents to enjoy the great outdoors, albeit in a more suburban setting. On summer days, you can find families enjoying homemade picnics on the green and excited children flying kites with friends. Of an evening, the area’s demographic changes a little to the local healthy and fit residents taking to the long promenade with bicycles, running shoes and even skateboards.

Surrounded by expansive green spaces, Otterspool has recently reinvented its former event spaces and is now home to the Fusion Festival, attracting some of the country’s best-loved musicians and bands, flocking to Liverpool for a taste of its musical past. 

Five Quick Facts

1 Just north of the promenade is the Festival Gardens site, home to the Liverpool International Garden Festival in 1984. The festival included sixty individual gardens, a walk of fame for Liverpool-born stars and a giant red dragon slide, designed by a competition winner from Blue Peter.  2 It is thought that Otterspool may have played a small part in the Roman Empire. In 1853, a section of Roman pavement was found below Otterspool Park and just a few years later in 1863, a gardener discovered 12 brass Roman coins dating from around 268 AD.  3 John Moss, the son of a successful timber merchant, had built Otterspool House after inheriting the business on his father’s passing. Part of the house still remains today, the balustrade, which was the site of the former Otterspool Park café.  4 The area used to be a popular location for fishermen to fish in the rich waters of the Mersey, the river used to be filled with Salmon, Sole and Shrimps. The banks of the river were filled with fishermen’s cottages up until around the middle of the 19th century. 5 Originally opened in 1950, the area was originally a disposal site for household waste and rubble leftover from the building of the Queensway Tunnel; however, the local authorities wanted the area to be used by the public to enjoy leisurely strolls near the banks of the River Mersey.   

Things To Do

Action Sports Hub

With its riverside location, Otterspool Promenade is the perfect place to enjoy some free, great outdoor adventure. For true adventure seekers, the Action Sports Hub is where you can find BMX bikers and skateboarders enjoying the ramps and slides on the purpose-built skate park. A great place to enjoy some thrill-seeking experiences close to the waterfront. 

Adventure Centre

For those with young children, there is no better place to enjoy the outdoors than the Otterspool Adventure Centre. Children can explore the exciting climbing frames, slides and bouncing pillow, opening their imaginations up for a world of fun. For the super adventurous of little ones, the Mini Quad Bike Course and Volvo Diggers are great fun for those who enjoy a little bit of friendly competition. Finally, an exciting maze filled with surprises is awaiting those brave enough to enter! 

Fusion Festival

One of the country’s most popular music festivals now calls Otterspool home after years of being held in Birmingham. Fusion Festival welcomes some of the world’s most exciting and loved bands, musicians and DJs to Liverpool in a two-day annual event. It has seen the likes of Take That, Little Mix and Tinie Tempah take to the stage.